Its back, and better than before. 

Our popular Viper model range is back, with a few adjustments to it. 

The Viper 2.0 features a Genuflect Cut instead of the Negative Cut that we had on the old model. The 2.0 also has an Easy Entry Way which makes it easier for the goalkeeper to get the glove on and off. 

The 2.0 keeps the 4mm German Contact Latex palm that the original model had. We also changed the backhand a bit, by making the punching zone one solid piece instead of the individual pieces that the original was. 

We also decided to stay true to the heritage of the glove, and kept "Goalkeeping" under Mauer. 

The Viper 2.0 is available with or without finger protection, and retails at $64 on our website. 

Any questions on the new Viper 2.0, please let us know by reaching out to us at! 

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