Glove Care Guide 

First Use/Long Term Care

To maximize the glove's grip and durability, prewash the gloves when you take them out of the packaging for the first time. 

  • Let the gloves dry naturally, follow instructions in the "Washing Your Gloves" section 
  • Damp gloves with water or spit while playing to enhance grip and durability 
  • After every use make sure you wash your goalkeeper gloves to remove dirt and grime 


Washing Your Gloves 

To enhance the life and durability of your goalkeeper gloves, we recommend washing them after every time you use them, wash with lukewarm water and let the gloves dry out naturally. Wash them by hand, not by using a brush or a bristle. 

  • DO NOT place in front of artificial heat such as a radiator to dry out as this will crack and harden the latex 
  • DO NOT place in direct sunlight as this will also harden and crack the latex 
  • DO NOT attempt to wring out your gloves as this will ruin the latex 



  • Wash your gloves after every game and practice as soon as possible 
  • When not in use, do not place palms face down or facing each other. If you still have your packaging your gloves came in, store them back in there
  • When drying, you can stuff newspaper in the glove to help speed up the drying process