Introducing our newest creation... the Eikon! 

We have taken a step forward to modernizing our gloves more with the Eikon. With a neoprene fitted build, it provides a slim and controlled fit crafted for performance. On the backhand, we have an embossed area of silicone gel on the back of the knuckles to serve as a punching zone (and it also looks pretty cool if we do say so ourselves!) 

The Eikon offers a 4mm palm of German Latico Contact Latex, which is the highest quality latex in terms of durability and grip on the market. On the interior of the glove, we offer an anti-slipping, gripping technology which helps you catch the ball with the greatest of ease. 

The Eikon is available in both roll finger and negative cut. We also will be offering the Eikon with finger spines in a flat palm cut. 

The Eikon comes with a double elastic wrist strap which helps the goalkeeper adjust the glove to the fitting which is most comfortable for them. 

Our gloves also have an easy entry way which makes it easier for the user to get their hand in and out of the glove. 

The Eikons will be available for pre-order by this weekend, gloves are expected to be in within the next two weeks. 

Any questions feel free to send me an email at contact@mauerathletics.com if you have any questions! 


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