Hello everyone! 

Long time no see! We have been busy with production of our latest glove, the Mauer Klassic. We believe that this glove is truly the essence of what a glove should be. While many glove companies are trying to change the way gloves are made, we believe that gloves are perfect the way they are now. 

This glove is made out of 4mm German Latico contact latex palm, with a traditional single wrap wrist strap with a German latex embossed backhand. We also have our anti slip interior gripping technology, which provides a full fit to the gloves that enhances grip and ability to catch the ball. 

We also will be having a Memorial Day/launch day sale for 10% off the gloves! The code is "USA10" . 

As always if there are any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to send us an email at contact@mauerathletics.com


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